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Colorado Springs ninja gym teaches resilience

Altitude Ninja Gym competition

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - One Colorado Springs gym that trains people to compete on the American Ninja Warrior television show is teaching children how to overcome obstacles, both on the course and in everyday life.

KRDO crews headed out to Altitude Ninja Gym Saturday for a regional ninja competition, to learn more about the activity and how it instills life-long lessons.

"You have to continue going, you have to keep trying, you have to work to conquer these obstacles," owner and former contestant Damon Marcucci told us. "We have some kids that will get really upset that they're not completing an obstacle, but get over it, wipe their eyes, and move on."

"You're going to fail a lot," added Glenn Albright, another former contestant on the show. "But just like life, you gotta keep going, because that's the only way that you're going to get better at something."

The kids told us, above all, they've learned to let loose.

"Have fun and just don't take anything too seriously, because if you take things too seriously, you get stressed, and it's just not very fun," Caleb Tucker explained.

Altitude Ninja Gym offers classes for adults and children. Click here to sign up.

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