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District 60 food service staff protest potential changes to program

D60 Nutrition Services protest

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- At least a dozen District 60 food service employees protested outside schools Friday in response to potential changes to the department's services.

"We're out here because District 60 schools are looking at outsourcing their food services," Sheri Hattan, an AFSCME staff representative, said.

According to Hattan, D60's 'Foodworks' program employees were upset and confused by a letter sent out by the district on February 18th, announcing plans to explore other options for services.

"It's not a financial issue. It's not a poor quality of work issue. It's not a quality of food issue," Hattan said. "Kind of a slap in the face to guys are doing a great job, but this is what we're going to do."

In the letter to staff, the district said it is "currently in the process of exploring options for an external management provider for our nutritional services department."

Throughout the pandemic, staff have provided free meals to kids in the community twice a week at pick-up locations on at least five campuses.

"The need here in Pueblo is huge. We are not a rich town. The kids do depend on the meals that these ladies serve."

While staff have expressed concern about the future of their jobs, they're also worried about the potential impact these changes could have on the children they serve.

"They know the kids by name. They know dietary needs by just sight with a child. They've built relationships with the kids."

According to the district, no final decision has been made yet. The district's statement also requests, "that the new provider retain as many of our current staff as possible."

Hattan said employees plan to appeal to the school board next, which will be responsible for a final decision. Meantime, the district said student meal services will not be impacted by the changes.

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  1. Unless they are cooking home made meals and not those heat and eat trays of slop then their job is not complicated.
    The food is low quality and the kids only eat when they have hamburgers and pizza.
    Those Obama meals went straight into the trash. Kids don’t want broccoli with while wheat pasta mush. A total waste of food and money.
    Ladies, you are replaceable. Sorry.

  2. They can only cook what they are given. If food service is delivering a truck full of crap; what are they supposed to do

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