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Protestors gather outside D49 board meeting after district deems BLM photo shown to students ‘controversial’

021121 BLM PROTEST D49

FALCON, Colo. (KRDO) -- About two dozen protestors gathered outside a District 49 meeting in support of a teacher who was reprimanded for violating district policy after showing a Black lives Matter mural to students.

Back in January, a teacher at Bennet Ranch Elementary school in Falcon showed their students a photo of a Black Lives Matter mural. It came up during a lesson about Martin Luther King and Civil Rights. The district deciding the teacher violated its policy on controversial content.

"That should not be a controversial thing to express in a school,  and if it is - there is something wrong with what the school's message is that that goes against it," says Madeline Smith who was one of the protestors. Some in attendance like Isabel Alvarado were teachers themselves.

"It just boggles me because as a teacher I can say all my students matter, but then if I say my black students matter, people are all of sudden uncomfortable," Alvarado says.

The conversations continuing inside as well during the public comment section of the meeting. Many angry the district would consider the Black Lives Matter movement controversial. Out of the more than a dozen speakers, only one person who supported the districts action.

But district officials clarified what exactly happened, and why the teacher was reprimanded. Chief Education Officer Peter Hilts says the teacher wasn't punished because of showing the photo to students, but because they didn't follow the proper procedures.

"The teacher wasn't reprimanded for the content of the lesson, we believe that was misreported because the lesson was approved," Hilts said during the meeting.

According to D49 policy regarding "controversial topics", a teacher must get approval from the school's principal first. Then, once approved, they must notify their student's parents, which didn't happen in this case and led to an apology being sent out to parents.

A D49 spokesperson sent us the following statement:

"As part of a lesson linking Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the American
Civil Rights Movement with current events, an art teacher included a street
mural saying, “Black Lives Matter.” That phrase has many meanings and
associations, including some that are controversial, so we should have
followed our controversial materials policy and notified parents in
advance. We regret that oversight. Our policy and process invite feedback,
so the identification and subsequent correction honors our process, and
does not make a value judgement on the content. Although we will continue
including discussions of contemporary issues in many areas of our
curriculum, we commit to host these conversations carefully in partnership
with parents and seasoned with grace and humility. We are grateful that
parents support us and trust they will keep holding us to the highest

As for how the teacher was reprimanded, the spokesperson says that information is confidential.


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Chase Golightly

Chase is a reporter and an anchor for our weekend evening newscasts. Learn more about Chase here.



  1. Look at all those white racists in the picture standing up for blacks. To cold to go out and do your own protesting?

    1. I can guarantee you if it was district 49 there were no black people that forced them out there. If you ask me it just looks like they wanted to get out of school work for a day… I mean that’s why you bought the slaves here right because you were too lazy to work.

      1. So the blacks I. Africa who owned and sold slaves were to lazy to work? How racist of you to thinks blacks are lazy.

        1. You have very poor grammar and spelling but certainly interpret it as you see fit. I just figured the people on this land we’re too lazy. I mean you couldn’t even build your own railroads right? And I mean it’s not like you still have a bunch of unregistered Hispanics that you’ll have build all of the construction and then try to send them back right? I mean that’s not how you guys function we’re not living in a cycle of you using people, abusing them and throwing them to do sharks when you’re done. That’s not how America works how silly of me to think such a thing. And it’s “too”, Blacks spelled with a capitol “B” and in is spelled “in” there’s no period. You should familiarize yourself with your own language it only makes sense! Or I mean really look into your roots and well go back to where you came from and learn that language we know who owned this land first. That’s why we have National illegal alien theft day I mean Christopher Columbus day. Just saying…

          1. Why do racist always assume I’m white?
            Spelling? That’s your argument?
            Typing on a phone as you know is not the easiest thing.
            Maybe you are not black OR in CO?
            A white person pretending to be “of color” because they are ashamed of being white.
            But you know, spelling and all.

          2. Oh, by the way. How are things going back in Africa? I mean if they are so productive why are they 200 plus years behind the rest of the world? The cradle of civilization and they continue to kill each other by the thousands there?
            Martin Luther King day? A day to celebrate a Republican, gun owner who was never faithful to his wife….yeah, you celebrate him.

  2. Black Lives Matter is a social statement, not a political statement. It is saying that black peoples’ lives, also, matter. No one should be getting upset about this. 🙄 The BLM movement is against police brutality and systemic racism. Everyone should be against these things.

    1. blm is not a social statement it is a terroristic movement which advocates violence in order to makes change. This is not something which should be taught in school. All of those I have meet who believe in blm also believe in socialism and the government should be taking care of them, and most of those folks are teachers… a sad sad era we are in… If you want racism to stop then stop movements like these. I have been to rally’s where they are the most hateful racially negative people I have ever met, I will never attend another one, in fact their cause falls on def ears now.

      1. I am a staunch conservative, registered Republican who caucused for Rubio and Cruz, first vote was for Reagan, stood against unilateral disarmament at my liberal college, caught flak my entire life for trying to live as a traditional, religious conservative. Church (Mass) every week, home school the kids.

        I approve of the Black Lives Matter movement.

        Any movement with good intent that is successfully attacked and discredited by its enemies is going to be taken over by those of ill intent that are not driven out. That is happening to BLM, a perfectly reasonable cooperative movement has been characterized as radical and violent until those who are reasonable are driven out and silenced. It is obvious that when people say “Black Lives Matter” they are not saying that nonBlack lives don’t — they are saying that we live in a country where black people are often considered less valuable than other people and that shows in our systems.

        Which it obviously does. Police corruption is everywhere, but it is most brazen in those places where you can beat up citizens without sparking much national debate — poor, black neighborhoods. If a blonde white woman (I’m one) was selling untaxed single cigarettes in front of the store in Colorado Springs, it is unlikely she would have five to ten deputies gathered around her while one brought her to the ground and sat on her until she suffocated. But this happens to a black man in NY and people in the Springs think — well, he must have done something to deserve it.

        Conservatives should absolutely be against government overreach, and that includes thuggish police intimidating law abiding citizens as much as it includes oppressive taxation or regulation. If the worst of police action is against black citizens, conservatives should look at BLM as a conservative movement I’m one of those who will point out that Lincoln was a Republican and part of the history of the right in this country is a couple hundred thousand Union soldiers who died for a free country, and conservative politicians that stood up against leftist segregationists and Jim Crow Democrat legislators. Conservatives should be flocking to the BLM movement. And if you feel it has been swamped with socialists, we should begin our own movement against the dehumanization of black people to replace it. Doing nothing but gripe about BLM is not conservative,it’s just protectionist and reactive.

        1. What a self loathing white women. The perfect tool for liberals. You hate yourself and your whiteness. Hey, it wasn’t your fault you were born white. Attack your parents it was their fault they fell in love, married and had you as a symbol of their love.
          I’m not ashamed of my browness.

      2. Agreed. BLM was far, far more violent than the so-called insurrection at the capitol. And far left democrats praised and stoked the violence during BLM. Hyprocracy at its finest.

    2. Good grief. It’s politics, through and through. This is precisely why my child was moved to an online school permanently, and test scores have improved by 40 percentile to boot.

    3. Who exactly has said they don’t matter? Name them.
      Black lives don’t matter to other blacks. THAT is the issue you should address. Not the easy boogie man you make up.

  3. This is why, as a lifelong conservative, I can’t support the Republican Party and many other conservative movements anymore. The response to leftists being a bunch of anti-free speech snowflakes who want only government-approved opinions taught in schools is to . . . . become rightist ant-free speech snowflakes who want only government-approved opinions taught in schools. There is no more conservatism in this country, it’s dead.

  4. Nothing like a bunch of racist people. That school district seems to always be in the news. Talk about white privilege.

      1. Would you trade places with any black person?
        As Chris Rock noted, the answer is always no, even if that black person is rich.

        There’s your answer. But you don’t really care about the truth, do you?

        1. Explain to me how I could trade places? Now I would go from brown to dark brown?
          Stupid scenarios you can’t argue because they will never be realistic.
          If you white so what, black so what, brown so what?
          The responsibility falls on the INDIVIDUAL not society.
          If a blacks person is rich and successful great.
          Your Low Expectations racism and victimization mentality is the real issue. You picture blacks and other races the way you want them to be so you can somehow help them to feel good about yourself.
          Stop using criminal blacks and others represent ALL black folks.

  5. BLM is a radical violent marxist democrat group who along with ANTIFA are America’s largest and most violent domestic terrorist groups. They have rioted, burned, caused injuy/deaths to people, looted and caused billions of dollars of damage in cities all across America.

    Disgustingly the criminal marxist democrats who now occupy our government along with the fraudulently elected puppet senile president Slow China Joe support these groups.

    All these groups are white hating racists who do all they can to promote lies, hatred, violence and racism against all white people. They are on a fast paced mission to destroy America.


      1. Seditionist?? Sure, terrorist. Maybe that rhetoric is supported by you and your fellow white hating racist marxist friends but not among those of us who know better.

        We have your number and understand your intentions, you fool no one.

        BLM = Black Looting Murderers.

        1. Nice, never back down or apologize to a Liberal.
          They will only make you as unhappy as they are!
          I never met a happy Liberal.

  6. “It just boggles me because as a teacher I can say all my students matter, but then if I say my black students matter, people are all of sudden uncomfortable,” Alvarado says.
    If it is fine to say one particular race matters, then start telling your kids that “White lives matter” and in March we will have “White history month” where you will tell them about all of the great things white people (and only white people) have done.”
    I’m sure you will be happy doing that, given that you believe in fairness and all, right?

  7. What a shameful display of the city’s vermin. Threatened by an IMAGE of a street mural that says Black Lives Matter.
    Just keep on showing off your extreme white fragility, and your beautiful city will continue to be known as a bastion of hate and intolerance.

    1. Who says Black lives don’t matter? A made up slogan to chant to silence anyone opposed to their Marxism.
      Can you say Asian Lives Don’t Matter? If you say ALL lives matter that is racist. Why?

    2. Do Black Lives Matter to other blacks? The numbers say NO.
      Don’t address that. Just keep doing what the movement tells you to repeat. Don’t do crime and don’t get shot.

  8. Good for the teacher by teaching current events. Current events are controversial at times. D49 is almost as close to being the “Focus on the Family” district as D20, but not quite. The teacher should be commended. Schools teach ABOUT Religions. The don’t TEACH the Religion. They should teach Current Events without taking a side. D49 again is a joke.

    1. School don’t teach kids what they need to be successful anymore. It is WHAT to think instead of HOW to think. Everything is tied to social justice and feelings about the world. When was the last time you heard kids taking shop classes or even a class for basic life skills? They push STEM classes as if we don’t plumbers, welders and auto mechanics.
      Kids now a days don’t know how to use tools or balance a check book.
      OR fill out a job application.
      But George Floyd was a saint and cities should burn for that waste of a criminal thug right?

  9. If you are going to teach a subject, teach all of it. Anyone can go to the Black Lives Matter website. I’ll share the list of their current demands as of today. Go to the site to read the full descriptions. You read it and come to your own conclusions. Be informed. Here’s the list:

    1. Convict and ban Trump from future political office
    2. Expel Republican members of Congress who attempted to overturn the election and incited a white supremacist attack
    3. Launch a full investigation into the ties between white supremacy and the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military
    4. Permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms
    5. Defund the police
    6. Don’t let the coup be used as an excuse to crack down on our movement
    7. Pass the BREATHE Act

    1. This is a perfect example of how ridiculous this entire fiasco was. As you’re so uniformed, let me catch you up:
      The teacher in question did NOT teach anything about Black Lives Matter. (As if that would be so wrong.) What she did was show a high-quality 7-minute video produced by NBC titled, “The Art of Protest.” Twice in the film images of a street mural that said “Black Lives Matter” were shown. That’s it.
      – – –
      Hope no one gets in trouble for talking about the Sistine Chapel, or showing an image of a crucifix or something. Because that would be the same thing.
      You racist crybabies are so pathetic.

      1. I don’t know how quoting word for word from the Black Lives Matter movement’s page, stating no opinion about it, and directing people to the site so they can read it for themselves is racist.

      2. Can we then teach that Allah was a pedo and that Islam does not allow homosexuality or women’s rights?

        Is that not the truth?
        We can bash Christianity but don’t go near Islam!!

  10. BLM and Antifaux are both leftist terrorist groups that are in the same category as the KKK.

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