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Sledding injuries up 43 percent in Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- 'Tis the season to sled, but are your kids doing it safely?

Most children turn to sledding as a fun outdoor activity after a good snow, but it is recommended to take extra precautionary steps to prevent injuries.

According to Children's Colorado, Colorado Springs, after Tuesday's snowfall there is now a 43 percent increase of sledding injuries seen between 2020-2021. Those injuries include but are not limited to broken bones, injured internal organs, and head injuries like concussions.

Dr. Amanda Abramczyk-Thill with Children's Colorado Springs is the Pediatric Injury Prevention Specialist, and she says this mostly happens when running into another object or debris.

Most of the children they are treating for these injuries are between the ages of two and 11.

"Even if you may think the child is old enough and can steer on obstacles, just try to reduce those as much as possible; and also, wearing a helmet is very promoted for sledding," said Abramczyk-Thill.

They recommend the following to prevent any injuries during sledding:

  • Pick a hill with minimal people so the chances of crashing into others is lower.
  • Clear off debris—from the sledding path before going downhill.
  • Choose a sled with handles
  • Choose a clear hill, that doesn't end at a street, road or fence.
  • Dress kids in layers that way they can remove one when they get a little hot
  • Make sure they are drinking water and wearing sunblock

These are some tips to prevent injury during sledding provided by the Children's Colorado Hospital in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs / Local News

Jasmine Arenas



  1. We need airbags and safety restraints, oh no wait, a 5 point harness and a roll cage and perhaps a bulletproof bubble to place them inside instead of a sled…
    Let kids be kids, make parents be responsible for their children. Either by involvement with their children, or the fines of medical bills if they are not actively involved.

    1. Joe Bidumb will sign and Executive Order after tonight’s pudding, episode of Matlock and diaper change!

      1. I’m pretty sure he’s already on track to sign more than the last 2 losers put together.

        1. What else needs to be said except “We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.” – Donald J Trump Feb. 23, 2016.
          Call it my Trump card.

  2. Injuries due to COVID 19!!!

    Cha Ching!!!! The hospitals smell $$$$$!

    Everything is COVID!!!

  3. Get up shake it off and try again you snowflakes. We used cardboard or plywood with no helmets or safety gear. I’m still alive. Perhaps a few brain cells short and a scar or two, but still alive.

    1. Yeah, I survived being a kid with cardboard and flying saucers, but I have a tip for fellow seniors: Don’t go sledding with your 11-year-old grandson. If you do, don’t show him how you USED to sled. It’s painful.

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