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Congress braces for Biden’s national coronavirus strategy


WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress is bracing for President-elect Joe Biden to move beyond the Trump administration’s state-by-state approach to the coronavirus crisis.

The Biden team is expected to build out a national strategy to fight the pandemic and distribute the eventual vaccine.

The incoming administration’s approach reflects Democrats' belief a more comprehensive plan is needed to control the raging virus.

As Congress debates more COVID-19 relief, the complicated logistics of vaccinating hundreds of millions of Americans raise the stakes to get it right.

Sen. Patty Murray is the top Democrat on the Health committee and says, “A vaccine can sit on a shelf. A vaccination is what we’re talking about.”

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  1. A state by state strategy is better than a ” one size fits all” national strategy. What works in densely populated areas may not be best for rural. The feds can provide guidance.

  2. Just glad to see that we will finally have a national strategy after having nothing but BS the last year

  3. LMAO. Who said he was elected President? Good thing, if he were, this would be the first failed policy.

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