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Colorado Congress weighs in on President’s claims of voter fraud


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- President Donald Trump once again questioned the integrity of the election Friday despite not providing any proof that voter fraud has occurred.

The accusations have led to several Democrats in Congress to call out the President, including Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet who sent KRDO the following statement:

“Suggesting that counting votes is stealing an election is absurd and dangerous. President Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud and a rigged election only fuel conspiracy theories and sow division at a time when Americans need to come together and heal as a nation.”

Some Republicans in Congress have come out in disagreement with Trump but many are standing by his side, including Republicans representing Southern Colorado.

Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn with the 5th Congressional District believes while no evidence has been presented, Trump knows more than he is letting on.

"The President probably is more privy to things that any of the rest of us," Lamborn says. "I have no doubt there are some massive irregularities going on."

Republican Representative-elect Lauren Boebert is also siding with the President.

"It does raise some concerns and President Trump has every right to look into that," Boebert says with some allegations of her own.

"I mean when you see ballots being burnt and thrown away and ballots just showing up and it's just really interesting the timing for this," Boebert says.

The claim that ballots have been burned started with a social media post online in Virginia. The video shows someone burning ballots that were filled with President Trump's name. However, Virginia Beach election officials say the ballots that were burned were just sample ballots.

Recounts in those key states are expected to happen, which is normal in an election this close.

Chase Golightly

Chase is a reporter and an anchor for our weekend evening newscasts. Learn more about Chase here.



  1. Damn wish Trump would just suck it up admit defeat like a man, pack up his stuff and go play golf or build a hotel and quit whining like a 3rd grader!!!

  2. well unfortunately he is right. I know several people who voted more than once in more than one state, and they are all democrats and unfortunately family members. I know people who volunteer in Pueblo and are doing very shady things for the votes. I believe the prez and agree there is fraud and the dems will do what ever it takes to get rid of him….

      1. Have to agree with you on this one. IF you know of someone who committed FRAUD in this election of all things, it is your duty to report them. I doesn’t matter if they voted for YOUR SIDE, or THEIR SIDE… Basically, they are accomplishes AFTER the fact.
        52 U.S. Code § 20511.Criminal penalties section 2, paragraphs A and B apply, and assign Fines, AND Imprisonment for up to 5 years.

        It is unlawful for any person to procure a false voter registration. To do so, is considered a Class 5 Felony, resulting in either a fine of up to $5,000.00, imprisonment in the county jail for up to 18 months, or both.

        See Sections 1-13-203 and 1-13-704.5 of the Colorado Revised Statutes for the full description of the law and corresponding penalties.


        1. And if he has direct knowledge of an illegal act such as this and fails to report it, he is also an accessory after the fact and can be charged as well.

      2. I doubt he really knows any. He’s just spouting off Trump rhetoric like many Trumpeteers here.

    1. Wow really? lol. I’ve known hundreds of democrats over my life and never ever heard a single one talk about voting more than once or anything remotely close to that. They do tend encourage everyone they know to vote. Even republicans.

  3. “The President probably is more privy to things that any of the rest of us,” Lamborn says. “I have no doubt there are some massive irregularities going on.”
    While President Trump may have better access to reliable information than most of us, he rarely bases his statements on reality. He relies more on his own “gut feel” (his own words) which, of course, is based largely on his personal desires rather than facts.

    1. Oh, Lame-brain doesn’t know what he knows. The only massive irregularities going on are the ones Republicans are instigating.

      “(CNN)Two armed Virginia men who were arrested Thursday outside the Philadelphia Convention Center were “coming to deliver a truck full of fake ballots” to the city, CNN affiliate KYW reported, citing prosecutors.

      The center is one of the places where election workers have been counting votes from the 2020 general election, which includes the race for president….
      …Both men were carrying loaded handguns, and police found an AR-type rifle in the Hummer, authorities said at a news conference Friday. About 160 rounds of ammunition were found in the weapons and the vehicle, authorities said.
      Stickers and a hat with logos of the QAnon conspiracy movement were found in the vehicle, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said.
      LaMotta and Macias were charged with having a concealed firearm without a license and carrying a firearm on a public street or public property, Krasner said.”

    2. Most people base their decisions or actions on “GUT FEELINGS”. Your post for example, the response to your post by Sumdaze is another. You FEEL something is wrong or OFF, so speak freely sometimes with info to back it up, sometimes without…

      1. Most if us also rely on INFORMED gut feelings, which are based on both facts and experience. Trump’s gut feelings appear to be based solely on his desires for personal glory.

  4. And Boebert has already drunk the Koolaid by believing the social media burning ballots video. Real brainiac that girl.

    Finally, an adult in the room. Thank God!

  5. There may not be Voter Fraud, but there are inaccurate counting’s, and questionable acts during the counting such as, not allowing observers close enough to OBSERVE, Accepting ballots AFTER the fact and NOT separating them from the rest to be validated (once the are opened, you can not tell which vote went with which mailing envelope. I have even heard that most of the poll workers are Democrats (not sure that it’s true, but the allegation needs to be looked into to determine its validity or not.) Mail In Votes must not be allowed, Valid Absentee Ballots are the exception (but SHOULD REQUIRE a Witness Signature). Mail-in’s can’t be verified because there are NO I.D. Checks, just a signature, and those change over the years, or even months. Early Voting is ok, as long as MANNED DROP BOXES are used with people there to VERIFY I.D. Mail-in’s overloaded the Postal System, and left too many boxes unchecked. Loss, Theft and just straight out mishandling are just three of those boxes.

  6. So you’re saying that Colorado’s election is invalid. EVERY registered Colorado voter recieved a ballot, not just the absentee voters. No ID check was required to receive the ballot, or to drop it off. Few, if any, of the drop boxes were manned (they were, however, under constant video surveillance).

  7. “The President probably is more privy to things that any of the rest of us,” Lamborn says. “I have no doubt there are some massive irregularities going on.

    That’s why he provided no evidence to support his accusations. And when the courts throw out the cases because they are baseless. Then the Republicans will be like OMG the Court system is like everyone else and demands proof.

    And these are our elected leaders.

    End the plutocracy.

  8. Of course there was fraud. Trump won Pennsylvania by 500,000 votes on election night. Then they start counting late ballots after the polls close and he loses? Even democrats can’t be that naive.

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