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Military explosive found in backyard of Pueblo home


PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- A potentially deadly military explosive was found buried in the backyard of a Pueblo home which prompted the response of the Pueblo Metro Bomb squad and Fort Carson Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group.

Photo of Military explosive found in Pueblo.

April Montoya, the homeowner, said on Monday, landscapers clearing out the backyard of her home discovered something they deemed, "suspicious." Montoya said they placed it by her front door. “I actually picked it up a couple of times," Montoya said. "It was extremely heavy and I made some jokes about it looking like a torpedo.”

Montoya was not exactly sure what she was looking at and called police Tuesday morning. The Pueblo Metro Bomb Squad responded and told Montoya and her family to leave the property. “They said it was a live military explosive,” Montoya said.

Because of the potential danger, Fort Carson was called in to take the explosive. Montoya was relieved this situation didn't come to a deadly conclusion.

“I was just glad that my kids were safe," Montoya said. "I’m glad we were all safe that nothing happened to the landscapers."

Pueblo Police officials said Fort Carson will dispose of the explosive. At the time of publishing, Fort Carson had not said what type of explosive it was or if it had the potential to detonate.

Local News / Pueblo

Chase Golightly

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  1. “At the time of publishing, Fort Carson had not said what type of explosive it was or if it had the potential to detonate.”
    It looks suspiciously like a WWII M29 60mm Mortar training shell for the M2 and M5 mortars. If so, the good news is that it wouldn’t have exploded. Its weight would have been the same as an unused live mortar shell.

    1. It does look like an M68/M69 training round for the M1/M29 mortar.

      Good thing it wasn’t a live round. I was a first responder on a scene when some kids found one in the 1980’s and started playing with it.

      1. Your memory is probably more accurate than mine on this, particularly with the numbers. I only did some familiarization training with them back in the 1960s… 🙄

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