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Thousands gather in Denver to protest Elijah McClain’s death

Elijah McClain
Photo courtesy: McClain family

DENVER, Colo. (AP) -- Thousands of demonstrators gathered outside a suburban Denver police building Saturday to call for justice in the death of Elijah McClain, a 23-year-old Black man put into a chokehold by police last year.

McClain suffered cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital and was later declared brain dead and removed from life support.

McClain’s death last August has prompted a handful of small protests over the last 10 months, but his case has garnered renewed attention amid a global outcry sparked by George Floyd's death in police custody in Minneapolis last month.

The Denver Post reports Saturday’s demonstrations in Aurora were organized by the Denver chapter of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

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    1. You don’t make any sense. People are protesting because they want changes to be made in LE, such as stop using deadly chokeholds on people just because they look “suspicious.” There are many reasons people are protesting. People are just plain sick and tired of bad cops murdering unarmed people and not being held accountable.

  1. Someone called the cops and reported that there was a guy in a ski mask moving his arms around and that he looked suspicious. The victim had on earplugs and was likely moving to music. I don’t see why waving your arms around makes you suspicious anyway.

    The victim’s mom says her son was anemic so he sometimes wore a ski mask because he gets cold easily. This is a small, unarmed guy and 3 armed cops. The victim hadn’t broken any laws. But the cops did a chokehold on him. What’s with this deadly chokehold anyway? 😠 He was harassed by 3 cops because he looked “suspicious.”

    1. “The Denver Post reports Saturday’s demonstrations in Aurora were organized by the Denver chapter of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.” – The organizer’s of this march care nothing about the death of this man. It is purely political. These politician’s will only help black people until they receive their vote in November. After that, it’s the same verse same as the first.

      1. Wished the media was as careful to list the backers and organizers as they are to blare out about the protests. Let the people reading know who’s really behind this movement and judge for themselves if it’s something they support.

    2. Oh cry me a river! Black people do NOT CARE AT ALL about other blacks being k!lled UNLESS it’s done by a white Police Officer and can be used as a political hatchet!!! If blacks sincerely cared about other blacks being k!lled, they would be marching daily and protesting the slau ghter that they are doing TO EACH OTHER in cities all over the country and especially in places like Chicago! Or how about the hundreds of thousands of blacks k!lled in places like Nigeria, where the favored method of k!lling EACH OTHER is by ha cking someone to dea th! Or how about the tens of thousands of black babies that are slaug htered in the womb by inserting a suction tube into the womb and then suctioning out the bits of baby until it di es? That one is by far the most favored method of blacks killing each other, being the single largest cause of black death.


      Until I see the black community start to open their eyes about the overt manipulation they are undergoing from the DNC/socialists/marxists and to actually, sincerely care about other black lives, you can expect to see this much caring from me and tens of millions of other non-blacks- 0. All the rioting and looting and murder ing and burning is nothing more than a political tool.
      And it will turn against you big time on November 3rd. We will not forget.

  2. Of course there are going to be protests. When you are on welfare you have to find something to do. All the cops wanted to do was Identify him, but he did not cooperate with them. Also I could have been a reaction to the medication that the EMT’s gave him and nobodies fault at all.

  3. 16-3-103. Stopping of suspect.
    (1) A peace officer may stop any person who he reasonably suspects is committing, has committed, or is about to commit a crime and may require him to give his name and address, identification if available, and an explanation of his actions. A peace officer shall not require any person who is stopped pursuant to this section to produce or divulge such person’s social security number. The stopping shall not constitute an arrest.
    (2) When a peace officer has stopped a person for questioning pursuant to this section and reasonably suspects that his personal safety requires it, he may conduct a pat-down search of that person for weapons.

    So, before the officers grabbed Elijah, did they “reasonably suspect he was committing, had committed, or was about to commit a crime?” Wearing a mask and waving your arms is NOT a crime. And is thus NOT a legal reason to detain him or demand his ID.

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