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When does Colorado Springs Police Department’s policy allow use of force?

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Colorado Springs Police Department has deployed ear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets attempting to disperse crowd protesting police brutality over the last four days.

A CSPD spokesperson said officers were hit with fireworks, bottles and bricks on Tuesday evening. One officer required medical attention after being struck in the head with a brick, CSPD said.

13 Investigates reviewed CSPD's use-of-force policy. The policy does not provide specific details on how officers can use force during large gatherings or protests. However our review found it does outline the general threats that warrant officers to use force.

On the fourth night of police brutality protests in Colorado Springs, KRDO NewsChannel 13 Reporter Chase Golightly, among others that night, was pepper-sprayed by a CSPD officer.

Chemical agent use-of-force is a measure Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said he doesn't intend to review when asked by KRDO on Wednesday.

"It's pretty common if you look at use-of-force across the country, what you'll find is that as people pose a threat to officer safety, other public safety, damage to property, and things like that there is a resort to non-lethal force deterrents," Suthers said.

CSPD's use-of-force policy was reviewed and updated in May 2019. The department's policy encourages deescalation and non-lethal force first.

Some advocates against police brutality support the banning of chokeholds following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

CSPD officers are currently allowed to use deadly force to protect officers or others from what is believed to be an "imminent use" of deadly force.

Officers can also engage in deadly force if it's believed the person has committed or attempted to commit a felony involving the use or threat of a deadly weapon or is attempting to escape while using a deadly weapon, according to the policy.

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Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. All this will do is make it harder to arrest a bad guy.cause all he has to do is shout out and this will come back.

  2. These protesters are the whiniest bunch of babies! Gimme gimme gimme!!
    We want, we demand, ouch an officer hit me when I threw a brick at him.
    Waaaa waaaaa waaaaa

  3. “ear gas”? Come on, Chelsea, did you study at the Holly school of journalism?

  4. Well according to one case all it takes is a person to start running away with their back to the police. That is enough to use deadly force.

  5. So true, you run you get killed. Other police chiefs are trying to quiet down things, the old racist chief in the Springs doesn’t want to. He is ok with his officers gassing people and not meeting with anyone and killing someone for running away. So is the mayor.

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