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Colorado schools to reopen in fall under new hybrid format

Gov. Jared Polis announced that Colorado schools can re-open in the fall but they will most likely run in a hybrid format between in-person and online learning.

According to Polis, schools have to be prepared to move back to e-learning should an outbreak force one of their campuses to close. 

Leaders at Academy District 20 say they're already working with regional and national education experts to create a hybrid-learning model for next year.

They've also sent out a survey to parents and students on how they can improve online learning should they move to this new hybrid model. 

Officials at District 11 say they're also refining their e-learning platforms. 

"We know that what we put together this past quarter wasn't going to be a permanent solution," says Michael Thomas, District 11 Superintendent. "We definitely need to strive to have one uniform system for students and staff to access" 

Leaders at Harrison District 2 say the current e-learning model was made with parents in mind, but they won't know how effective those models were until fall.

"It's unfair, if you will, to expect parents to teach their kids new content, so we've just been reviewing skills," says Christina Randle, District 2 teacher. "Teachers are already planning for next year not knowing what it looks like, but knowing that students will come in with some holes in learning and that the beginning of next year won't look like years prior." 

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Mia Villanueva

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  1. hybrid format???? wtf is that???? Man….you guys in the education dept… want us to feel sorry for the teachers union???? DO YOU F’ING JOB! AND TEACH!!!! not paying taxes so you can sit on yo ass for a year….
    Take a cup of Man the F up like the rest of us do out here

  2. The teachers union has nothing to do with this conundrum or it’s solution. ljspuds, what other solution do you propose for schools, who are legally required to follow CDC and HHS guidelines and regulations, to educate traditional classes of 25-30 kids in 450 square foot classrooms, while keeping them 6 feet apart? I’m all ears. Furthermore, ljspuds, I assume you are a college educated, home owning, upper middle class person. What do you propose you spend your property taxes on? Your post exudes your ignorance. Sometimes it is better to just keep your mouth shut, rather than opening it and letting the world see your stupidity. Now we don’t have to wonder, you have answered our question.

    1. It’s BS. The average age of death is 80! The coroner of Pueblo states NONE of the deaths in that county were directly attributable to Coronavirus. That nursing home in Connecticut.. The average age of death was over 85! 85! 54 percent of people in nursing homes die within 6 months. Anyone who is at risk needs to take shelter. The rest of us need to get on with our lives. We pay taxes. If it’s going to be elearning then it needs to be teleconferencing with the teacher present, not parents doing the teaching.

  3. Send the kids back to school. We all know now that Covid 19 was all hype. We won’t hear much about Covid until August and then all of a sudden there will be a huge outbreak that 99.98% of people will survive. The Dems will cry that we will need to vote online, through the mail, or any other easily corruptible avenue so they can try to steal the election. Ugh. I feel sorry for people who have a diminished mental capacity to realize that Covid-19 is no more than the common flu.

    1. As I remember, the Black Death is now taught as a minor blip in population statistics. Does anyone lose sleep over it?

    2. 100,000 dead Americans is hype to you? MAGA. The terror attacks on America must have been 1/30th the hype, then.

  4. I sense a homeschooling wave infecting many families. Not just the next wave of Covid but the diseases after it… Going to shutdown the economy each time?!?!

  5. Not sending my kids in person at all. Not “living in fear”, just not going to put my family at risk when I can avoid it.

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