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Colorado Springs Police overwhelmed with reports of stay-at-home order violations

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- With extra free time and warmer weather, more people are gathering outside, sometimes in groups that violate public health orders. But there's a right and wrong way to report this. Local law enforcement says they're overwhelmed with calls from residents trying to report stay-at-home order violations. But these callers are going to the wrong agency.

The Colorado Springs Police Department says El Paso County Public Health is the one investigating anyone for violating the stay-at-home order. All reports should go to them. You can reach the El Paso County Health Department at (719) 578-3167. Do not call 911 for reports of the public health order.

Violations are punishable by a large fine and jail time, but CSPD has yet to issue violations.

Natashia Kerr with the police department says they are hoping people comply with a verbal warning before they take action.

Kerr says the department has seen a significant increase in calls to our Communications Center that are not emergency related.

"It is important that someone who needs access to police, fire, and AMR are able to reach a dispatcher without delay. Before calling 911 or our non-emergency dispatch number regarding COVID-19, we ask that our community members please review the governor’s order to ensure you have an understanding of what is and is not allowed during this 'Stay-at-Home Order," she said.

To report large gatherings and for more information on COVID-19 in El Paso County, please see the El Paso County Health website.

For more information about what's allowed during the statewide stay-at-home order, see here.

Alexis Dominguez

Alexis is a reporter for KRDO and Telemundo Surco. Learn more about Alexis here.



    1. Lock them up?? So they can possibly spread the virus more!! Good thinking. Thankful you’re not in charge of anything.

      1. The King ponders,then axes are you a liberal or really a progressive, BIG difference

  1. Something needs to be done to them. I don’t want my life inconvenienced even longer because these idiots can’t stay at home for a few weeks. it’s pathetic. What did people do in the 1800s? They managed and survived but these crybaby pansies can’t handle being stuck at home??? It’s laughable. I say use them to test the medicines on. If they die because of a failed attempt at a vaccine, oh well. They are are okay with putting others at risk, I think death penalty is a great option for them.

    1. Just worry about yourself. Stay 6 feet or more from people. Doesn’t matter where you are. Eventually the state will run out of idiots to spread the virus.

      1. The king does note, that the chinaaa virus can spread through water pipes in apt buildings….it has been documented friend

    2. “They managed and survived but these crybaby pansies can’t handle being stuck at home???” Yet, you are whining and bitching about what? Having to stay home? Nice, Einstein.

    3. This is all raw stupid, panicked mob behavior. ONLY areas where there has been a increase and presence of COVID19, is this needed… Denver metro, NY, Wash State, California, Oregon…mostly, interestingly enough, sanctuary cities and states!

      1. Let’s call it the China virus, cool
        The king agrees, also why is ok for humans to gather at the produce section, but not ok for a person to work in his or her office, etc?

    4. What did people do in the 1800s? They didn’t destroy an economy in an attempt to fight a virus that has killed fewer people globally than the seasonal flu kills every year in this country.

  2. Same as always. Any city or county department you call, they can name a different department that should deal with instead of them. Police, sheriff, code enforcement, you name it. No faster way to waste time than to call a city department or 911 for ANYTHING in El Paso county or Colorado Springs. Your call will meet with snarky, lazy buck passers. You are now the bad guy for calling about anything.

  3. Overwhelmed by all the calls?
    You keep saying that word and I am not sure you know what it means.

  4. It’s an order from a failing governor, not a law enforceable by the police.

    1. You obviously don’t understand how these public health orders work, Kojack.

      1. Ya, I do. A law is established by the legislature. Police enforce the law. An order is put in place by a politician and is not a law. Not a law, not enforceable by the police.

  5. People are going to ruin it for everyone. Then there will be a shelter in place order and no outdoor activities. Lets not do that please.

  6. We’re I work new home construction. We are all working, climbing all over each other everyone is sick with coughing, and sneezing. People coughing in my face daily. Hundreds on this site alone. A dozen more sights like this all over Colorado Springs. No one has died, seen a doctor or even taken time off. While the bosses, home owners, civilians. Have locked themselves in their office, and houses. Something’s off here!

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