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Aurora police officer cited for DUI after crashing into tree in north Colorado Springs

aurora police hit tree Cropped

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Another Aurora police officer is making headlines for driving suspected under the influence, but this time, the investigation started with a crash into a tree in Colorado Springs early Tuesday morning.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, officers went to the area of 4900 Montebello Drive to find a single-vehicle crash. A report from CSPD says a neighbor's doorbell camera caught the vehicle speeding before hitting a tree head-on.

CSPD said the driver was transported to a hospital, and a department spokesperson tells us he was served and released for driving under the influence.

The driver was identified as Aurora police officer Jaired Dozier. A mugshot wasn't taken because he wasn't booked into jail.

The homeowner, Jesus Porras, whose home was nearly hit said, "he said, 'I'm a cop I'm a cop, don't call nobody!'"

Two of his surveillance cameras show the officer's car traveling at a high speed, hitting a Honda Accord in the cul-de-sac, before running into the tree on Porras' lawn.

The owner of the Accord, Jerry Villagrana, believes his car served a ricochet preventing the officer from hitting Porras' house directly.

"I'm glad car was there to stop from going into the house," Villagrana said.

Courtesy: Renee Villagrana

Neighbors in the cul-de-sac are left to clean up the mess. Porras' tree is split in half, and sitting outside his driveway until he finds someone to haul it away.

"We spend a lot of time out here cause I love the shade of my trees in the summertime and now look it's gone," Porras said.

This is the latest issue involving Aurora police officers after a body camera video showed one officer drunk behind the wheel in his car -- he was never officially charged. Another Aurora officer pleaded guilty to DUI back in January and was sentenced to 20 days in-home detention.




    1. also do not like the mutual bootlicking-not booked or had his mugshot taken-
      if it were Citizen Joe- a different ending.

      1. This is not true. DUI arrests are not booked into CJC by any agency in El Paso County (Except by State Patrol).

        The only charges that will get you into CJC are Domestic Violence charges, warrants with bonds above a certain dollar value (or no bond) and violent felonies. Many non-violent felonies are serve and release surprisingly.

        1. how do you know so much?
          A relative of mine was arrested cuffed taken to the hospital for a blood draw (NO WARRANT) he was positive for THC- was charged with DWAI and is just finishing a 2 yr probation. FIRST TIME OFFENDER OF ANYTHING besides a ticket. He was in a single-car roll-over-with NO property damage. There is a HUGE amount of property damage and more going on here. Now tell me why this off-duty cop was cited and released. CRS references please

          1. As you said, your relative was taken to a hospital for a consensual blood draw under Colorado’s Express Consent law. You can refuse but will loose your license for a year plus still be charged DUI.

            The property damage largely is a civil matter. Warrants are usually obtained in accidents resulting in serious bodily injury or death of another.

            I’m sure you will see the driver was cited for careless driving, plus applicable traffic violations and DUI. You are only booked into CJC in El Paso County if you have three previous convictions for DUI making the next a felony.

            Sounds like Aurora PD would of just drive this guy home and swept it under the table. Good on this jurisdiction treating that cop like every other citizen.

            CRS relating to traffic is the 42 code. DUI is 42-4-1301. CRS does not address booking procedures set by the county.

  1. There is too much leniency with police officers! One only got 20days in home arrest and the other one hasn’t been booked! This is ridiculous, if it was a civilian “ Throw him the book!” Now it’s a cop, “ Let’s give him house arrest or he’ll never do it again!”

    1. Too much leniency????? Come to Pueblo where the DA’s office hands out plea and probation agreements like they are candy and you may see it differently. The only people they ever prosecute here are the police, but then again it is a democratic run town which has a hatred for police but loves the common criminal. Just look at those being let out to cause hate and discontent, when they get shot by a citizen or an officer the community is up in arms… What a worthless little town. Springs is at least treating everyone equally unlike other places.

  2. found this:

    Many people in Colorado have faced charges related to driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol or both at some point in their lives. However, it would be a mistake to assume that because it is a common offense it does not need to be taken seriously. In fact, DUI and DUID charges carry serious penalties in Colorado – even for your first offense.

    The following penalties apply to those who are 21 years of age or older.

    License penalties

    The first time you are convicted of driving under the influence in Colorado, your license will be revoked for a period of nine months. When your livelihood depends on your ability to drive – whether to get to and from work or to pick up your kids from school or practice – a suspended license can create serious hardships. You may be eligible to reinstate your driving privileges early if you are willing to get an ignition interlock device installed in your car and complete other requirements.

    Possible jail time

    A first-time DUI conviction is classified as a traffic misdemeanor. However, you may still face jail time. Under Colorado law, the first time you are convicted of driving under the influence, you will be ordered to spend anywhere from five days to one year in jail unless you complete certain conditions, including enrollment in and completion of a qualified drug and alcohol education and therapy program.

    Expensive fines

    On top of jail time and license revocation you will also face fines for a DUI conviction. Fines for a first-time DUI range from $600 to $1,000.

    Community service requirements

    In Colorado, a first-time DUI conviction also comes with a public service requirement. If you are convicted, you will have to complete up to 96 hours of community service. SO HOW WILL HE DRIVE A PAtROL CAR ???

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