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Colorado announces assistance for workers affected by coronavirus closures

DENVER (KRDO) -- The city of Denver has shut down all dining rooms, and many other businesses across the state of Colorado have closed temporarily amid concerns surrounding COVID-19, but the state announced that assistance is available for workers affected by the closures.

According to the state Department of Labor and Employment, workers who have a reduction in hours or wages may file an unemployment claim at (Try this link if the previous link doesn't work.) People are urged to use the online tool instead of calling the office so that resources aren't strained.

UPDATE: On Wednesday, March 18, the state launched another website to provide aid for those affected by COVID-19. You can visit to donate or volunteer. Gov. Jared Polis said the site will also provide information for those who need assistance.

The state is also looking into a system to flag claims that are specifically related to coronavirus to expedite them.

We spoke to a DoL spokesperson who said that if your employer has more than 500 employees, you should be eligible for state unemployment assistance. Congress is currently working on a bill that would provide aid for workers at businesses with fewer than 500 employees.

The spokesperson also told us that claims aren't limited to those who specifically lost their jobs due to coronavirus. People can file a claim for different circumstances like if you have to care for an individual with coronavirus or if you have to take time off work to care for your child in the wake of school closures across the state.

The department also said in a statement that it's taking steps to "reduce the impact of these claims on employers who have had to temporarily lay off staff due to closures or slowdowns." Employers are encouraged to utilize paid leave and telework options before resorting to layoffs.

As of Monday, Colorado has had 160 positive tests of COVID-19.

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  1. UI benefits will be of great aid to those workers affected by the virus, a very good step.

  2. This is ridiculous! Clearly Colorado is out of touch with how this will impact restaurant servers. The unemployment they might receive would be based on wages, not tips. Most of their income comes from TIPS. Saying you’re helping servers by offering unemployment benefits is useless. Someone making $4k a month waiting tables would likely only receive $100 every 2 weeks in unemployment, as it’s based on the small amount of wages they receive. DO SOMETHING TO HELP SERVERS, not act like this bologna here is going to help all the servers who are out of a job for the next 30 days or more!

    1. Actually if someone is making 4K a month in tips, they are
      supposed to be claiming and paying taxes on those tips!!! If they aren’t, they are not paying their taxes! If they ARE in fact doing the
      right thing and paying their taxes on their tips, they will get their Unemployment Benefits based on those wages. So I’m sure they’ll be getting the maximum benefits allowed in the State of Colorado.

      1. True and I do claim my tips, I dont make 4000 though.
        I also just started working again after being off 6 months and my unemployment wont go through due to the schedule of their benefits. I am the soul supporter in my family and also take care of 2 grandkids, what am I suppose to do, I also rent not own so how am I to pay that?

    2. I agree, bartenders too! To find out your off 30 or more days overnight is horrible, especially when your the soul provider

  3. And state unemployment also has a waiting period. So you don’t get any payment until you have been unemployed for a period of time.

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