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Thursday’s wintry weather forecast: Here’s what you need to know

Snow and record-breaking cold is in Thursday’s forecast, but how much, when and where? We asked our meteorologists to break it down for us.

Wednesday afternoon: It’s going to be hot.
Colorado Springs will experience near record high temperatures. The forecasted temperature is 80 degrees, narrowly missing the 82 degrees on record.

Wednesday evening: It’s going to get cold.
A strong cold front will move in between 9 p.m. Wednesday and 3 a.m. Thursday in El Paso, Teller and Pueblo Counties.

Thursday morning: It’s going to be snowy and windy.
Snow flurries will develop after 6 a.m. in Monument and Castle Rock. Colorado Springs and Woodland Park will have to wait a little longer — they’ll see their first flakes after 8 a.m. with the heaviest periods of snow occurring between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Temperatures will be chilly, hovering around the mid 20s.

The forecasted accumulations are as follows:
Colorado Springs: Trace amounts – 2″
Monument: 2″ – 4″
Woodland Park: 3″ – 5″
Pueblo: Less than 1″

Freeze Warnings are in effect for northern El Paso County from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. Thursday morning. Sensitive vegetation and plumbing may be affected.

Wind chill will also be a concern during the morning and early afternoon hours as gusts may reach 40 miles per hour across the I-25 corridor and eastern plains.

Bands of snow combined with strong winds will greatly reduce road visibility. Black ice is also a concern as temperatures in the low 20s will freeze initial snow melting on the warmer pavement.

Thursday afternoon: It’s going to be really cold and windy.
Lows will be in the 30s, 10 degrees below January’s average, which is our coldest month. A few flurries possible after 3 p.m. will give way to clear skies in the evening.

Wind gusts will continue into the early afternoon hours, dropping the wind chill temperatures into the low 20s and possibly teens.

Thursday night: It’s going to be record-breaking cold.
Colorado Springs will experience a forecasted record low temperature of 12 degrees, knocking the previous record of 19 degrees out of the park.

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