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Fort Carson honors contributions of Hispanic Americans to US Army

Fort Carson held a Hispanic Heritage Month observance event Wednesday. The theme for the event was “Hispanic Americans — Essential to the Blueprint of Our Nation”.

“It’s important that we all share our stories with one another,” said 1st Lt. Jacob Salazar, whose parents are from Mexico. “That way we get to know a little more of each other, not only when it’s Hispanic Heritage but anytime.”

Stories of important Latino contributions were put on display. Some of the notable histories include Ellen Ochoa, who became the first Hispanic woman to go into space. Then there was Staff Sergeant Marcario Garcia, the first Mexican immigrant to receive a Medal of Honor after taking down two machine gun emplacements single-handedly in World War II.

Three guest speakers also shared their own stories of Hispanic pride and patriotism.

“My parents are proud,” said Staff Sgt. Julio Garcia of the 4th Security Force Assistance Brigade. “They came here illegally and then got their residency. But they are proud of their son who serves to show that they love this country and are willing to sacrifice their son to go and do better for this country.”

Sergio Fernandez, who spoke at the event, said Hispanics have contributed to the country in more ways than the military.

“In the economy, the medical field and the agriculture, sports,” Fernandez said. “So there is a lot of people coming from different countries that were able to help in different aspects of this country.”

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