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Polis recall group gives contributions to own employees

A group that solicited donations in an effort to recall Colorado Gov. Jared Polis gave $11,000 of that money to three of its own employees and board members.

Those who received money include committee manager Shane Donnelley, who received $5,000; board secretary Mona Lisa Pascoe, who received $3,000; and Renee McGill, a worker focusing on Weld County, who received $3,000.

But some are questioning the Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis campaign after members received what were originally described as “gifts” from the committee. In a later, amended filing, the payments were described as “consultant and professional services.”

The committee raised more than $114,000 in cash and other contributions and reported more than $100,000 in expenditures, but it never filed a petition.

Another recall campaign, Dismiss Polis, only collected about 300,000 signatures, which is half the 631,266 signatures needed to get the recall on the ballot. Therefore, the group never submitted a petition for approval from the Secretary of State’s Office to seek voter signatures to put a recall election on the ballot.

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