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Colorado Springs grocery store plans to close by end of month

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - It's another sign of the economic times - a local grocery store is closing its doors permanently.

Colorado Ranch Market on North Academy is closing. The locally-owned grocery store prided itself on carrying local Colorado produce.

In a Facebook post, the store announced it will be closed by the end of August. They went on to say it has been a pleasure serving the community.

Due to the closure, the store is offering 10% off entire purchases excluding beer.


Hanna Knutson

Hanna is the traffic reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Hanna here.


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  1. Even though grocery stores may be doing lots of business lately because of people stocking up due to COVID, they are likely, also, suffering from customers who are endangering workers’ lives by not cooperating with safety measures. Masks may be required to get into stores, but once inside I’ve seen customers who pull the mask down under their chins. Many customers ignore the aisle direction arrows. Many customers won’t social distance. Stores may have to end up only doing deliveries and curbside pickups. I’ve even seen store workers who don’t follow their own stores’ precautions as well.

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