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Colorado Springs voters share expectations of new president on Inauguration Day

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Public reaction to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris being sworn in Wednesday was generally positive among voters who shared what they think his top priorities should be.

"Definitely COVID relief, that's what the #1 priority should be for the president right now," said Phillip Rivera. "I think student relief, debt, as far as that goes. I think that's a way to just start moving forward. Help our economy, give people less stress."

Alberto Chelimo offered a different perspective.

"I want to see the immigration reforms coming up, because I'm from Kenya," he said. "I want Joe Biden to come in and say Africa is also a continent, like my country Kenya is also a country. Respect other peoples, other races, other cultures."

A common sentiment was for Biden to heal the nation and close the divides for which outgoing president Donald Trump was accused of causing.

"Try to work together to get everything that needs to get done, gets done," said Kenneth Oetken. "And not to argue with each other, but just work together, mainly. If we all work together, I think everything will work out a little better."

Randy Graham agreed.

"Well, I'm always excited every four years to see the new president come in," he said. "And I wish him the best, just like Donald Trump had said to him. Find people who can bring our country together."

Andria Berndt provided a female point of view.

"The president just needs to be an example," she said. "People look up to the president no matter what race, ethnicity or religion. He just needs to be a leader."

Gary Talbott believes that Biden is the right president at the right time.

"I think he'll be fine," he said. "I'm really ready for business as usual. I'm ready for a politician. Margaret Thatcher was prime minister of Great Britain 40 years ago. How is it we haven't had a woman in that position? I think it's about time."

However, Ray Abeyta sounded skeptical of the new president.

"I like him to keep his word," he said. "He said that he wants unity. But I think starting off with impeachment and calling people names before he was put in office, I think that's not a good way of starting out."

Some voters said that we should expect Biden do everything himself; that it'll take Congress, and cooperation by citizens, to -- borrowing a Trump slogan -- make America great again.

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Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. “He said that he wants unity. But I think starting off with impeachment and calling people names before he was put in office, I think that’s not a good way of starting out.”
    Sounds like someone else who thinks there should be no accounting for Trump’s part in the insurrection two weeks ago. How can anyone who claims to be American think that way?

    1. Insurrection has been going on for 8 months. Why are you only concerned about this last event? Why are you not concerned about the statements politicians have made to incite violence for the last 8 months?

      1. Because the last event was hosted and put on by the then acting President of the US, the other events over the past 8 months were mostly peaceful protests with some rare riots. Ironically those riots were usually started when the “majority” felt they were being ignored and attacked by their Government, the protests ended up turning into a unlawful riots, but causality still shows who was escalating these problems. Like when he used tear gas to clear out peaceful protesters because Trump wanted a photo opp. with him holding up someone else’s bible.

  2. My administration will label Americans Domestic Terrorists and as John Brennan announce we will focus weeding out the opposition of my kingdom and crush them. We will make illegal immigrants our priority over blacks, I hope they enjoyed those four years of low unemployment! I will set Americans back 50 years as I let China take the reigns.
    The media is on my side and they will tell you what is news and what is the truth.
    Where am I? I’m cold and I need some pudding….how did I get here?

  3. Figures, interview people around CC so Scott can get a good sample of liberal responses. Just listen to the responses, give me free money, fix the economy ( it’s already strong thanks to President Trump)….. how about go work for your money and contribute to the economy.

    1. Yeah, God forbid KRDO shows that Biden won the popular vote and the Electoral vote. Too bad they aren’t Trumping up conspiracy theories like those other other news channels of ill repute.

  4. Hey, Reality, it’s YOUR president now. As expected, his anticipated failures will be blamed on Trump, and if he succeeds with the agenda expressed by your fellow libs in this article, it’s gonna be a long, miserable four years.

  5. I don’t have any expectations. It keeps me from being disappointed or angry. Also, if the new POTUS happens to do something great, then I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Regardless, I’m going to keep on doing what I also do.

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