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Downtown protesters in Colorado Springs return to Police Operations Center Thursday

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The local movement against police brutality and use of excessive force returned to the Police Operations Center on Thursday for the first time since officers used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse protesters early last week.

This time, however, the demonstration was peaceful and police allowed it to happen.

Shortly after 5 p.m., a crowd of protesters marched down the southbound lanes of Nevada Avenue, leaving City Hall and heading for police headquarters -- wearing black clothing, holding flowers and carrying cardboard coffins to honor citizens and suspects killed during shows of force by police.

"We want [police] to see this and we want them to feel uncomfortable," a protester said.

When the crowd arrived, it crossed over the same concrete barricades outside police headquarters that officers wouldn't allow them to cross in the early days of protests.

The crowd then gathered at the entrance for around 30 minutes, placed the coffins at the doors and held a rally before marching back to City Hall.

No police officers were visible as the protesters marched between the two locations.

Thursday's demonstration was titled "Honoring Lives Taken by CSPD," and began with a rally at City Hall.

"Most of them were black but we recognize that not all of them were," said Stephany Rose Spaulding, one of the organizers of the event. "It's the brutality and excessive force that we want to end, and we want people to know how many have died from it here in the city."

The rally at police headquarters was not far from where officers forcefully restrained -- and in a video appeared to be punching -- a man whom police said was resisting arrest and ignoring orders to disperse. That incident remains under investigation.

Protesters had not been to police headquarters since Tuesday night of last week, at the end of several days of confrontations between officers and demonstrators. Mayor John Suthers enacted a city-wide curfew the following day, and it ended Monday morning.

The protests -- if they continue -- will enter their third week this weekend.

Some demonstrators believe their voices are being heard after a proposed law enforcement accountability law passed both chambers in the Colorado Legislature this week, and a Colorado Springs City Council meeting to consider forming a citizen advisory board was held during Thursday's protest.

Lawrence Stoker, a cousin of De'von Bailey -- who was shot and killed while fleeing officers last summer -- said he appreciates the support from protesters.

"When it first happened, it was kind of weird, he said. "But after a while, seeing that it was for the good, everyone was doing it for the right reason, not for a bad reason, putting him down."

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Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. well all the unemployed are at it again. i got a question, why do you not do this major out lash when a black man kills a shop owner or something. must just be a 1 way street i guess,

  2. Do those coffins also represent the death of blacks at the hands of other blacks??? They gonna need more cardboard.
    I guess BLM only when the weather is nice.

    1. Na that would be too many. It’s funny you don’t hear blm when black people kill black people wonder why?

  3. How about the 42% of police officers killed by the 13% of the population? Guess they don’t matter even if they are fellow blacks because we all know they are just Uncle Tom’s.

    1. FTP? Ain’t got the cojones to say it out loud Internet tough guy?
      You don’t own a gun, probably can’t legally purchase one and your mom will get mad if you have one in the house!!!
      Your promoting violence against people who have a different opinion because you are immature and stomp your feet when you don’t get your way. You won’t do anything and try to get people to do it for you. Worried you would get caught and end up in jail…..where you will passed around for Cup O Noodles???
      Get off your moms computer.

  4. Massive crowd of dozens seeking overhaul to justice system. Reminds me of out-of-control politicians destroying a national economy to “save” 2 lives out of 100,000. In both cases, doing nothing won’t change the outcomes by much.

  5. Maybe the article should mention that Lawrence Stoker was with Devon Bailey, who was armed with a stolen handgun, and while Bailey ran he remained compliant and came to no harm.

    Read the final report with the “eyewitness” statements that conflict with the video from the body cameras and the security camera.

  6. Are these the same people that have problems with the kids cartoon “Paw Patrol”? Remember, according to the media and the far left there are no good cops. How about we just get rid of laws while we’re at it? No laws, No Police!
    Problem solved. Man I am a jeanious!

  7. 9 unarmed blacks were killed by police officers last year. Isn’t this less than the daily average on black on black crime in some major US cities? I’m not getting the outrage that 1000’s can be killed by their own but it’s the handful that sets the nation on fire?

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