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Officials say vaccine risk is still very low amid recent stories of severe side effects

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- In light of recent stories like the Colorado Springs woman whose severe reaction helped prompt a CDC pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, health officials are reminding the public that the risk of serious vaccine side effects is still very low.

Kendra Lippy nearly died after receiving a dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine earlier this year. The Colorado Springs woman spent 22 days in a coma in the ICU. She now faces permanent health effects and a mountain of medical debt.

Her story prompted many of you to send in your concerns about lasting vaccine side effects. Many sent in stories of having a stroke, blood clots, or hearing loss around the time they also got the vaccine. El Paso County Public Health Director Dr. Robin Johnson cautioned the public against drawing the conclusion that the medical event and the vaccine were related.

"I think that the most important thing to recognize is that because something is temporally related, does not mean that it's causal, right? So, we have to be really careful not to attribute things just because they happened in the same timeframe," Dr. Johnson said.

Although, she emphasized that it's important to keep your doctor updated if you notice a strange medical event that could be related.

Doctors are required by law to report that type of information to a program called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). That program compiles information like the reaction, medications the patient is taking, and pre-existing conditions. That information is sent to be monitored by the CDC and other experts. From there, officials will keep an eye on the data and look for anything that's trending.

If they find something concerning enough, they will issue a pause on that type of vaccine until they can get more information. This happened with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine back in April. Lippy and five other women suffered severe blood clots after getting the shot. The CDC now issues a warning that there's a risk of clotting if you take the one-dose vaccine.

The data from the program is public record, meaning you can scroll through the list of reactions state by state. Most of the reactions in Colorado are less severe -- things like redness or soreness around the injection site. More severe reactions typically come with an explanation as well. For instance, one Coloradan suffered a seizure in the hours following the shot, but it shows that the patient also has epilepsy.

As stories of severe reactions continue to surface, Dr. Johnson is urging people to keep the numbers in perspective. Anecdotal evidence of severe reactions can be more convincing than statistics and data, but it can paint an inaccurate picture of your actual risk.

"Those are truly one in a million and we know that the risk from the virus itself is significantly higher and has long-term consequences, as well as fatality," Dr. Johnson said in comparison to the risk from the vaccine.

If you're still hesitant to get the vaccine because you're worried about potential side effects, Dr. Johnson encourages you to reach out to your doctor to get an accurate idea of the risk you face.

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  1. The pandemic is the bio-weapon. The virus is just a tool. It’s a tool so effective – it doesn’t even need to exist. The disease caused by the virus is incurable by politics and by law, not science. We know how to cure COVID, but the cures are all being dismissed, the most effective ones are banned, illegal to buy and sell as cures. Now the question switches – more people have been infected with the “prevention is better than a cure”. Can we find cures for them? Or we will remain stuck in a fear cycle?

    1. I see you’re still kowtowing to those who sell snake oil remedies. Wake up and listen to the real experts. You could learn a lot.

      1. RealityCheck, you mean experts like the NIH and CDC who approved tax payer funding for viral studies in Wuhan with the approval of the biggest expert Fauci? Yeah, let’s all trust them with our lives and good health.

        1. NIH grants were made to New York-based EcoHealth Alliance for research purposes, and EcoHealth Alliance apparently partially funded some work at the Wuhan lab. There’s no evidence that any of the NIH grant money went to Wuhan or whether there was any connection whatsoever between the two research efforts, but people will always jump to conclusions regardless of the lack of evidence.

          1. You, along with the other lefties, preyed to Fauci with his incredible knowledge….come to find out, he was part of the problem. Now that’s comedy. Yes there is evidence linking Wuhan and US grants. Need to accept Reality….

          2. You keep making your baseless comments because the facts don’t support your personal agenda. I have explained the “evidence” linking the NIH and the Wuhan lab. You have the prerogative not to believe the facts, but that doesn’t change them.

  2. Wait, so now El Paso County health is saying don’t assume or draw conclusion things are “causal”. What? A huge percentage of their propaganda is based on drawing “causal” relationships to COVID where there is no concrete evidence. “The risk of the vaccine is low” well so is the risk of COVID if you’re not in a nursing home or a fat a$$!

    1. Causal evidence is created when large numbers of people have the same effect (or lack of effect) from a particular event. A few effects are not significant evidence of causal relationships.

  3. I see Check…naw..not going to respond to his left-leaning liberal BS.

    OK – so the mask is NOT preventing transmission – so what purpose does it serve?? – in terms of its use by Pharma captured organizations like the CDC – the mask becomes a symbol of Group Obedience – the psychology behind a mask is SOCIAL CONTROL – this has been a hallmark of the Snake’s engineered Lockdown – many forms of behavioral conduct – masks/ distancing/ hand washing/ the crushing of the middle class/ the destruction of the economy – all these steps are NEGATIVE for society at large and have no efficacy in viral prevention of transmission – if this is correct {and it is demonstrably so} then this whole CIRCUS is a form of behavioral conditioning that regulates the Zombie Culture and creates an authoritarian situation that prepares the population for Mass Slavery – “do what you are told” -if you declare yourself to have individualistic characteristics {like not wearing a mask} – you become a social outcast – a pariah – this is the ground work being prepared for a witch hunt that the Snake and his NAZI allies believe that a “new social order” will be cast out of these social coercements – it has nothing to do with health and absolutely nothing to do with HERD IMMUNITY – Knut Witkowski the eminent epidemiologist claims that Herd Immunity is a direct relationship to infection – without sufficient infections HERD IMMUNITY is impossible – this flies in the face of the CDC guidelines that bullshit the public that vaccination brings immunity – IT DOES NOT – this is vaccinological science that is in error – vaccines need boosters because NO herd immunity is taking place through vaccination – only from infection with the alleged virus – most infections would be asymptomatic but would allow for HERD IMMUNITY – the Snake and Dr Falsie and their puppets at the CDC are all LYING to the public in order to push false information concerning the efficacy and safety of the pseudo vaccine they are flogging to public through endless and costly wasted resources for the sake of social engineering and fascist dictatorship and ultimately the MURDER of human beings for their deranged vision of a dead species – when is the public going to cry out >>> “”” ENOUGH <<< """

  4. And one more item: Truth doesn’t matter any longer no matter what facts are brought out. It doesn’t change a thing because no one wants the truth. It’s as though people have fallen in to a fog of unnatural thinking. To believe this amount of spontaneous reactions from a virus in reality no worse than the flu shows the power of deception through the media which is our worst enemy. And now we have a vaccine in world time that people are willing to take when in fact it could and most likely is more dangerous than the virus itself. Only God can fix this. MSM has become like idiots.

  5. I could contract COVID, or I could not. If I contract COVID, I might become a long-hauler or not have any symptoms at all. However, if I choose to be injected, I’m 100% injected and risk the unknown, long-term side effects and the known/unknown short-term side effects. I get to also call God a liar concerning the sanctity of the lives of premeditatively murdered babies used to make medicine for the same generation that not only murdered them but then screamed for a cure to save their own lives and return to “normalcy.” Sorry, but I have more ethical reasons to never take the current available vaccines. The medical risks of taking it don’t measure up to my risks of not taking it. The side effect risks are just more reasons for me to not take it. Make an ethical vaccine without the use of fetal cell lines, and I’ll consider it.

    1. I’ve explained many times before that while fetal T-cells were used in early research, none of them or their derivatives have been used in the development or production of any of the vaccines approved here. We now have other ways of producing the necessary T-cells that don’t rely on fetal tissue.
      But perhaps you still don’t realize how frequently natural abortions occur (religious organizations try to hide this information) when pregnant women have miscarriages. So does it make sense to discard naturally aborted fetal tissue that might help save lives in the future? Or are you selective about which lives are more important than others?

      1. You know…you’ve explained many times nothing but what you believe to be true and what your ilk believe. And give me a break about natural abortions. What a sadistic remark even from you. If you have never been around a woman who had a miscarriage you have no right to make such a public statement. The damaging effects and aftermath are more times than not long-lasting and psychologically mentally and physically debilitating. You are a sad excuse for a human being and nothing…no nothing you can experience will ever come close to that experience. You need help…seriously!

        1. When you’ve spent years treating patients in an ER at a hospital with a birth center, you get to see lots of them and to realize just how many of them there are. I know more than most people about those women and what they go though. Ask my wife if you don’t believe me. But I can’t help getting frustrated by people like you who think you know everything, but actually know very little about the medical world.

  6. “Very important document as it is coming from active persons working within the health care system. They are not retired. They are not conspiracy minded and nothing in the document is not substantiated with references. They are not going into magnetism or prion disease but only proven problems. And they have enormous safety concerns for all spike protein vaccines. This is a dry,formal document well referenced and with a twist. They require a response from FDA before 11th June and it is unclear what they are threatening with in case of non response. The most valuable document around for proven side effects and the real concerns of future side effects and the astonishing lack of experimental animal studies for all vaccines.

    Probably the most important document published about the concerns about C -19 vaccines. It has everything discussed on this site. This is a very formal well written document to FDA requiring certain actions they should undertake before any formal approval of C 19 vaccines. It has all the necessary references and is written in a logical way.There are 27 prominent signatures from US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Peter Doshi is there, prominent commentator about quality of vaccine studies in BMJ. Peter Goetsche, Copenhagen, one of the most reliable pillar for evidenced based medicine and earlier influential in Lancet and BMJ before those magazines took the step away from evidence based medicine as regards the C 19 pandemic. Allyson Pollock, Public Health, UK is there as well as Tom Jefferson from the Oxford group Evidence Based Medicine. Peter McCullough Texas is also one of the signatories. A very powerful document which MSM/BBC will not cover presently and well worth reading.”

  7. The “truth” is now manufactured but there is evidence that has seemingly been ignored. The evidence shows that the pandemic was planned. The participants in Event 201 became major players in the developing scenario of 2020, including the WHO, Gates, the World Economic Forum and others. The evidence shows that the virus was engineered in a laboratory and that there has been collusion between various institutions in the US and China and other countries, including Australia. The evidence shows that PCR testing was manipulated in order to increase “case” numbers. The evidence shows that death reporting was manipulated to maintain fear and support the draconian restrictions that have been enforced globally. The evidence shows that the development of vaccines was already underway before the pandemic. The evidence shows that legitimate treatments for Sars/Cov-2 have been suppressed. The evidence shows that censorship has been used to eliminate contradictory opinion and science. The evidence shows that the severity of the virus was drastically overstated. It shows that natural immunity is acquired by people that contract the virus. It shows that lock downs and mask wearing has been extremely detrimental to health and well being. The evidence shows that the “vaccines” are dangerous and may have long term, far reaching implications. It shows that those behind this event are intent on continuing their agenda, despite massive public backlash. There is much more evidence that has become available and Faucci is just one of the cogs in this wheel. Not only should they all be exposed but given the most severe punishment that society will allow. I have my own thoughts on this but, obviously, my wishes would not be acted on.

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