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Governor addresses continually rising COVID-19 cases in Colorado Monday

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- It seems that the more Colorado officials emphasize the need to slow skyrocketing numbers of COVID-19, the more those numbers continue to increase.

For El Paso County, Halloween weekend resulted in a record number of positive cases; 292 on Saturday and 310 on Sunday.

In Pueblo County, the numbers were 104 and 105, respectively. Teller County reported 15 and 8, while Fremont County's numbers were 55 and.

The latest spike in positive cases comes just a few days after El Paso County regressed to the middle level of the "Safer at Home" health order, raising the level of concern and bringing tougher restrictions effective Wednesday.

Last week, Pueblo enacted an overnight curfew in hopes of reducing the socializing that contributes to the spread of the pandemic.

Both counties, and other areas in Colorado, are nearing the dreaded "Stay at Home" level experienced this spring, when all but essential businesses and functions are shut down.

The question now, is: Are officials delaying the inevitable by trying to maintain "Safer at Home" conditions with the state approaching another "Stay at Home" situation?

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis addressed the pandemic during a noon media briefing that was intended to focus on next year's budget.

"I hope this is a wake-up call to Coloradans that this is not the time for coronavirus fatigue," he said. "We need to do an even better job -- as we did in August -- living our lives in a sustainable way, but not socializing unless absolutely necessary. "Wearing a mask whenever you're in a store, or workplace. or in public. Washing your hands whenever you come home or handle a product."

El Paso County Public Health was unavailable Monday for a response on the weekend surge in COVID cases. However, a promising sign was a significant drop in overall local COVID cases reported Monday.

Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. how odd KRDO will parrot our out of touch governor while he discriminates against conservative counties. Hey governor take a look in your own back yard. Cases in Denver County are worse than all the counties in this article. I guess the virus is increasing everywhere since maybe we are testing more……..

  2. No surprise that Jarid-iot Polis wants to spread more democrat tryanny to the residents of Colorado.

  3. Read the numbers people. Cases have gone up but the deaths have remained the same in El Paso County. So we are currently at a ~1.8% mortality rate here in El Paso county and that number continues to drop.
    We now know how to protect the vulnerable and let the economy/society continue.
    So why are the restriction based on test numbers VS people who are hospitalized or deaths.
    It would be like shutting down the highway due to high number of cars and we are scared that a crash might happen and “someone” may die.

    1. Well, Polis HAS to do SOMETHING! They just announced that Trump’s economy is rebounding must faster than anticipated. It’s even mentioned in Polis’ proposed budget (although they left out Trump’s name). Liberals just can’t have that kind of success while Trump is still in office, so expect more shutdowns to stop that recovery!

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