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7-day COVID positivity rate per 100,000 reaches 25% in Pueblo County

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- According to Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar, the COVID-19 7-day positivity rate per 100,000 people in the city is about 25%.

Mayor Gradisar told the Pueblo City Council that hospitalizations have remained steady due to the omicron variant being more transmissible but less severe.

"We are in the middle of this pandemic still. We are not through. It's not through with us yet," Gradisar said.

Via Parkview Medical Center

Currently, Parkview Medical Center is operating under "contingency standards" at their hospital. The above graph lists the CDC's recommendations for hospitals on staffing based on Health Care Professionals contracting COVID-19.

For health care professionals with a COVID-19 infection, they must go five days with/without a negative COVID test, if they are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic (with improving symptoms).

For the professionals who are asymptomatic with exposures to the virus, there are no work restrictions for hospital employees at Parkview, if fully vaccinated and boosted. Those who are vaccinated (with no booster shot) or unvaccinated will have no work restrictions with a series of negative tests.

"But if you are vaccinated with no booster its considered the same as unvaccinated and so we still don't have work restrictions but you must have a covid test on day 1, day 2, day 3 and one of the days 5 through 7 and of course they all must be negative for you to stay at work," Vice President of Quality at Parkview, Teresa Braden, said.

Despite the rise in positivity rate, hospitalizations have decreased every day for the last nine days.


"With the other variants, we saw a more consistent sort of slope with that increase, so thats a good sign for us," Pueblo Health Director, Randy Evetts, said. "Theres just so many more numbers of people infected, just by pure numbers we are going to see people hospitalized. It's not going to affect everyone the same way but it will be severe for some and those folks might end up hospitalized."

Evetts said the 25% number may actually be lower than the actual number of positive individuals, largely because not everyone who gets infected is getting tested.

"It's widespread across our community. We are underestimating the number of people who are sick because we know that for every person who gets tested there are probably several who don't, who just live with the symptoms and get better," Evetts said.

Parkview Medical Center told KRDO they currently have enough health care workers to fulfill the need for COVID-19 care in the community, despite firing 56 workers because of the vaccine mandate for health care workers in November.

For the largest hospital system in Pueblo County to reach a crisis standard, they say a combination of a sharp increase in hospitalizations and the number of staff out due to infection would be the cause.

Pueblo Health told KRDO it is important for people to know after 5 days if you still have symptoms or a temperature after 24 hours with or without fever-reducing medication, please stay home.

Over the past two weeks PDPHE updated Isolation and Quarantine guidance for 1) the general public 2) schools and childcare.

Additional information is available at this webpage

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Sean Rice

Sean is a reporter based out of Pueblo for KRDO. Learn more about him here.



  1. You know why? It’s an easy answer…testing…they are still using the PCR tests and those tests were taken before the 12/31/2021 date. The Antigen tests are no more reliable than the PCR tests. Per 100,000? Good ole Pueblo County! And who is doing the math?
    Keep the “fear” train going…just remember…the “COVID House of Cards” is slowly crumbling.

    1. Yes. We remember.
      Donald J. Trump, Feb. 10, 2019: “Now, the virus that we’re talking about having to do — you know, a lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat — as the heat comes in. Typically, that will go away in April. We’re in great shape though. We have 12 cases — 11 cases, and many of them are in good shape now.”

  2. Richie the Science Guy… if it says “CoVID”, his expertise will be on display for everyone to see! Gravity us up for good ‘ol Rich.. Drink your bleach, shine a light up there, and grab her in the P%S$y, big guy.

    1. Awww…cwa…how I have missed your comments. Such a kind spirit you exhibit here…just keep it rolling it never gets boring. Oh…by the way…you need a new writer…your stuff is getting old…and maybe grow up…just a bit. You and the Checkster need to get together and share some tea. I’m going to go out on a limb here cwa since you mention science…and I’m sure it will make your brain explode with expletives you are normally famous for: 1. The coronaviruses make up a family of cold viruses – it’s the common cold! 2. There has never been a “cure” for the common cold. 3. This is the cold and flu “season”…where did the cold and flu disappear to? 4. Our bodies contain MILLIONS of viruses that are essential to our health. Do we really want to eradicate them? It’s not the viruses that the oligarchs want to eradicate; it’s us – people who dare to think for themselves! Is that enough science for you? I think not…

  3. And here is some more “nonsense” for you cwa…
    When are we going to stop perpetuating the myth of variants? These “variants” are nothing more than computer generated gene sequences. They have no basis in reality. The previlance of a scariant is based on models. There is no test for Delta or Omicron. The PCR is not a diagnostic tool. The original virus was never isolated by the Chinese,just paid for by Fraudci, so all we have is a media promoted scam. As long as COVID ilk keep pushing science that fosters the narrative of a viral infectious disease we will never come out of this nonsense. No one has ever proven that SarsCov2 is the cause for Covid19. No one has adequately defined Covid19. It can be just about any symptom related to any upper respiratory infection or a hangover! Let’s stop the germ theory nonsense already! It only serves Big Pharma and the Globalists.

  4. It has been fairly quiet here in Colorado and in America for a while. One must ask whether this is the quiet before the storm. Part of the reason is because people are tired of being “talked at” and “talked down to”. Patriots are no longer listening. As the saying goes, they are busy reloading and battening down the hatches. Coercion will ultimately backfire big time, but there will be a lot of suffering first. Let me remind you… “They tried to bury us, but they forgot we are seeds.” –Alexandra Boutopoulou

    Every day they try to push us further. Even those who once lined up to be jabbed now have buyer’s remorse. This is not going to end well for the elites. They will be brought to justice. It is not going to even take a majority of the population to rebel. A few people really can change the world. It only took 3% to form America. They forget, we are numerous and they are surrounded. It would be wonderful if 100% of the people stood up and refused to comply. I am a realist. I know this will never happen. I do know we have some very brave people in strategic positions who could, within their professions and networks, bring this mania to a screeching halt. It would not take all of them, just enough of them.

    I am encountering a mult itude of people driven by fear. Now, the numbers are shifting to those who are angry. When the status quo is no longer a safe and comfortable place to be, people are willing to risk change. There is a lesson here. There is no escape, no place to run to and no place to hide. When your back is against the wall, you only have one option left if you want to survive. You must fight like your life depends upon it, because it does. Our Creator in His wisdom, made us all wonderfully unique–which is another reason why we must retain our DNA and our humanity. We have each been given special talents and skills–all useful and none too humble. We are given these gifts to use–there is no other reason for us to have them. Be useful, be kind and be wise.

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