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State health officials say data processing issue led to under-reporting of cases

COLORADO (KRDO) -- The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced due to a data processing issue, cases were under-reported over two days.

Thursday, the CDPHE said most case reporting had not been updated and case counts for Wednesday, Jan. 5, are likely to change.

Health officials said their systems were not communicating correctly, leading to a "significant undercount" of cases since Wednesday.

The CDPHE said data on hospitalization, testing, and deaths were not affected.




  1. Under reporting? How stupid do you think we are? And Check…be careful you might stick your foot in your mouth and upset my room in your head!

    1. hahahaha.

      This whole thing is starting to unravel now..not just the “vaccine” is leaky but so is the whole agenda. The Gov of NY admitted publicly yesterday that only 50% of people hospitalized in the state are for Covid. That’s it-the rest are there for some other reason.
      And new rules saying if people are vaccinated they can go to work sick. But a healthy unvaccinated person can not.
      The best thing that could happen is if Frauchi kicks the bucket.
      Then no more NA ZI stuff.

      1. And many of us know how “touched” you are Check. Staying up late to comment…get some rest and come up with something besides your incessant name calling.

    2. It should balance out the over reporting they do,…… but it wont because the over reporting is vastly different then this under reporting.
      Like….. You go to the hospital for a broken leg and you have to get tested and test positive. They report that as a covid “hospitalization”. This is why the covid hospitalization numbers do not jive with actual hospital loads.

  2. We are now in day 672 of “stemming the tide” and “flattening the curve”…does anyone see a problem with this?

    1. No, it lasted a lot longer than expected, partly because no one anticipated that people would remain so ignorant as to not follow the directions of the experts, and things didn’t go as hoped because new variants cropped up before herd immunity was reached. Life often doesn’t go exactly as planned, especially when stupidity runs rampant.

      1. There you go again Check…always with your comments based on your standards. I have said over and over and over again…you stand on your beliefs…I will stand on mine. It’s pretty simple Checkster! No matter how profound you may get…no matter how many names you call me…I’m not going away. So keep trying…I appreciate your efforts!

  3. Vaccines don’t work 100% of the time. Neither do bullet proof vests. Neither do seatbelts. Which is no big deal if there is no chance of anyone shooting at you, or if you never ride in a car. Or if you live somewhere where there is no virus running rampant among a community where half the folks don’t understand science.

    1. Or you live in constant fear? And half the people don’t understand science? Where do you come up with that number?

  4. CDC is delaying reporting on how many deaths were due to covid and how many were deaths and they tested positive for COVID but it was not the cause of death. Huh. This will greatly reduce the COVID death numbers to actual death due to covid. So then the .01% death rate will decrease. Go figure

  5. I’m going to go out on a limb here (again): 1. The coronaviruses make up a family of cold viruses – it’s the common cold! 2. There has never been a “cure” for the common cold. 3. This is the cold and flu “season”…where did the cold and flu disappear to? 4. Our bodies contain MILLIONS of viruses that are essential to our health. Do we really want to eradicate them? It’s not the viruses that the oligarchs want to eradicate; it’s us – people who dare to think for themselves!

  6. Oh and they have now made up a new name for the flu…”fluorona” how creative….hahahaha

  7. It has been fairly quiet here in Colorado and in America for a while. One must ask whether this is the quiet before the storm. Part of the reason is because people are tired of being “talked at” and “talked down to”. Patriots are no longer listening. As the saying goes, they are busy reloading and battening down the hatches. Coercion will ultimately backfire big time, but there will be a lot of suffering first. Let me remind you… “They tried to bury us, but they forgot we are seeds.” –Alexandra Boutopoulou

    Every day they try to push us further. Even those who once lined up to be jabbed now have buyer’s remorse. This is not going to end well for the elites. They will be brought to justice. It is not going to even take a majority of the population to rebel. A few people really can change the world. It only took 3% to form America. They forget, we are numerous and they are surrounded. It would be wonderful if 100% of the people stood up and refused to comply. I am a realist. I know this will never happen. I do know we have some very brave people in strategic positions who could, within their professions and networks, bring this mania to a screeching halt. It would not take all of them, just enough of them.

    I am encountering a mult itude of people driven by fear. Now, the numbers are shifting to those who are angry. When the status quo is no longer a safe and comfortable place to be, people are willing to risk change. There is a lesson here. There is no escape, no place to run to and no place to hide. When your back is against the wall, you only have one option left if you want to survive. You must fight like your life depends upon it, because it does. Our Creator in His wisdom, made us all wonderfully unique–which is another reason why we must retain our DNA and our humanity. We have each been given special talents and skills–all useful and none too humble. We are given these gifts to use–there is no other reason for us to have them. Be useful, be kind and be wise.

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